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Nikith Perera

"From playing premier cricket with Ollie, Ive come to learn that not only is he rich in the skill department, but also in his knowledge of the game and experience in different situations. He has helped me develop as a player over the last couple of years.

He can offer much more than simply throwing balls and fixing techniques. He can offer an experience through which players can learn about their own game and become self sufficient. I am certain that he would be a great mentor and teacher for any aspiring talent"

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Nathan Robinson

"Ollie is the perfect mentor for any aspiring cricketer. He uses his own experiences to help with technique and decision making under pressure.

He asks questions and makes you think about why you do certain things, but he will never tell you that your'e approaching things wrong, because he understands there's many different ways to get a good outcome.

He helped me with evaluating my shot selections and tightening up my technique. The sessions are always fun and I learnt a lot from just a few trainings"

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