Improvement over Perfection

If you’re looking to be perfect, stop looking. 

So many young players nowadays think that the Williamson’s, Smiths, Kohli’s and Azam's are perfect batters or that Archer, Cummins and Boult are exactly how they want to be as a bowler..

Too many times do you see people in NZ trying to “bat like Kane” or have an effortless looking action like Archer, truth is, no one is ever going to be exactly like them... ever, unless you’re a robot. 

The most refreshing thing to see as a coach and a cricketer is someone with their own style, whether it be a slightly strange action that works really well or someone that uses “too much bottom hand” when batting, if it works it works. 

Remember that no one else apart from you knows when you feel comfortable. Playing when you’re comfortable enables players to bring the best out of themselves and enjoy the game they’re playing and learning. 

Take small things that you like about a bowler, batter or wicket keeper, think about what makes them work that way and then figure out your way that works. 

There’s a reason when someone asks who the best fielder in the world is they never say two people are number one, the difference between people makes them unique and people that embrace that and play with freedom will start to see results going their way as it’s one less major thing to worry about! 

Next time you’re in the nets or practicing on your own, try and hit balls and only think about the positives each ball whether that be your balance was good, your hands came through nice and smooth or when your bowling that your weight was going towards the target or your wrist position was great and see how much more positive the net session feels. 

Then do it the next time and make it a bit of a habit. 

Back your own ability, because every one is different. Once you stop comparing yourself you’ll see how well you can do as a cricketer. 

Enjoy the process embrace the challenge. 

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